New DeLorean EV – a sneak preview

1st Jun 2022

New DeLorean EV – a sneak preview

...Norrie Hunter reports

It’s been 37 years since Doc Brown and Marty McFly set off in their converted DeLorean but now the marque is back! No its doesn’t fly but what a stunner.

Rumour has it that the new DeLorean Alpha 5 EV – complete with the same gull-wing door design - will be powered by a 100kWh battery with a 483 km (320+ mile) range and100km/h (0-60 mph) in 2.99 secs rivalling even the Porsche Taycan

Going on sale 2024, the new DeLorean will be built in San Antonio Texas – NOT Belfast.

Sorry fans…no free hoverboard!


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