Groundbreaking work puts a Scottish company in the driving seat when it comes to developing the ultimate in Green Campervans

11th Jan 2022

Groundbreaking work puts a Scottish company in the driving seat when it comes to developing the ultimate in Green Campervans

CampervanCo of Denny, Stirlingshire – is in the final stages of yet another innovative breakthrough with a new super, low-emission Ford Transit Custom plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)…. plus an exciting all-new zero emissions recreational vehicle (ZERV) due within the next 12 months.

Established in 2006, the company – initially called Campers Scotland Ltd – has been working closely with a range of partners that includes the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.

Although campervans and their conversions have been with us for decades, the pioneering work by CampervanCo brings a wide range of new technologically advanced concepts together.

CampervanCo’s owner and CEO, Gary Hayes explained: “What we pioneered was low emissions campervans, designing and commercialising the world’s first hybrid version.

“Currently, we are investing over £500,000 on research and development to bring zero emission recreational vehicles (ZERVs) to the marketplace that contain not simply lighting, refrigeration and cooking but heating and looking towards adapting renewable energy technology for RVs.

“It’s all about designing new products and applying emerging technology into our campervans and this we are achieving through partnerships that include leading research institutes such as Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.”

CampervanCo say they are in “the final stages” of preparing the new Ford Transit Custom PHEV super-low-emissions campervan which it is hoped will be completed by mid to end January 2022. Additionally, work on an all-electric campervan will begin next summer when a new base vehicle arrives, with a launch date planned for the autumn of 2022.

Gary Hayes continued: “We started out as a hire company with five Mazda Bongos and grew into Scotland’s premier campervan retailer and one of the UK’s largest, most respected importers of high-quality used Japanese vans.”

The company now offers the world’s first fully hybrid and tribrid 4WD vans that can reach remote places with unrivalled fuel economy.

For serious off-road fun CampervanCo has converted an unleaded Mitsubishi Delica into a stylishly rugged 4WD campervan with optional raised suspension and chassis strengthening, and a diesel VW T6 Vision that’s spacious and robust for go-anywhere adventures.

Custom built

Hayes added: “With all our campervans, we customise vehicles to owners’ specifications, keeping in mind what the vehicle will be used for. We offer designs for hillwalkers, canoeists, cyclists, families, dog owners and ‘grey nomads’ (aka retirees), to name just a few groups that use Eco Campers.

“Due to ultra-low emissions, fuel efficiency and the fact that these vans are easy to drive and park, many clients use their van as a day-to-day runaround for the school run, supermarket shop or taking the pooch to the park. Then come the weekend, owners can pack up and head to the great outdoors for freedom and adventure. It’s all about complete adaptability.”

So what’s on the horizon?

The new all-electric ZERV from CampervanCo, it is understood, will be one from a stable of three base vehicles from three of the world’s top manufacturers!

Said Hayes: “We will be using a purely EV base van. Suffice to say we are speaking to the big manufacturers about the vehicle that best meets our top-line specification. We have set the standards high and that means it must be able to do 200 miles in real conditions and be big enough to hold an impressive range of equipment. That means bigger than the current Nissan e-NV200.

“Currently under development is renewable energy capture/inputs to increase independent living and also raising lithium battery storage capacity. We are doing a lot of desktop analysis of PV cells and interesting wind generation.”

CampervanCo introduced electric cooking alongside refrigeration and lighting back in 2016 with its impressive Hybrid Eco Camper range.

He added: “The key thing is designing zero-emissions heating which we have been working on for over a year and we are also looking at a hybrid system of latent heat storage with efficient electrical heating systems capable of providing up to 3 days off-grid heating.

“The new campervan will be a fully commercial ZERVs 4-berth and under £70k that we hope to launch or at least show the prototype of in the autumn of 2022,” he concluded.

The company will be showing the Ford PHEV camper at the Birmingham NEC in February (22-27th).

Note: CampervanCo have hybrid and tribid Eco Campers that they boast are “unique in terms of comfort, innovation, fuel economy and consideration for the environment”.

Gary Hayes


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