Going All Electric Motoring Isn’t Simply A Good Idea

10th Nov 2021

Going All Electric Motoring Isn’t Simply A Good Idea

With higher demands for electric vehicles month-on-month, delegates meeting at COP26 Transport Day (10th November) are being urged to rapidly accelerate plans that support local and national governments and the EV industry.

As those delegates begin to formulate precise policies for each country around the globe, the need for much greater impetus is required in all areas of electric transportation including the industrial and commercial infrastructure surrounding it, according to Scotland’s Electric Vehicle Association (EVAS).

EVA Scotland is the voice of electric vehicle owners and operators around the country in lobbying national and local governments.

Its director, Elinor Chalmers says that “going all electric motoring isn’t simply a good idea” and that “there is no better time than now to increase support for greater electrification of the world’s transportation systems”.

She added: “Discussions during Transport Day will give all delegates the opportunity to prepare and agree plans that could make a substantial difference in the drive to the reduce greenhouse gases emissions from vehicles across round the globe.

“With fossil fuel-dependent transportation responsible for a quarter of energy-related CO2 which contributes immensely to global warming, the move to electrically power cars and commercial vehicles is essential. It is no longer simply a good idea. COP26 delegates are well aware that it is possible to cut transportation CO26 by nearly 70% by 2050.

“It’s clear that car and commercial vehicle owners are switching to electric powered vehicles. There has been a tremendous impetus over the last few years, and last month alone, EVs accounted for almost a quarter of all new car sales in the UK. However, we need increasing support in all areas including vehicle and battery technology and charging infrastructures, is vitally important. Policy makers must now formulate ambitious and achievable goals to support governmentsand the EV industry on COP26 Transport Day.”


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