Electric Cars win top accolades in prestigious Scottish Car of the Year Awards - with EVA Scotland Sponsorship

26th Nov 2021

 Electric Cars win top accolades in prestigious Scottish Car of the Year Awards - with EVA Scotland Sponsorship

A fully electric-powered vehicle has, for the first time, been voted Scottish Car of the Year by the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers. The Skoda Enyaq iV80 was chosen after journalist evaluated a wide range of EVs now being produced by world car manufacturers.

The EV accolade for the Skoda Enyaq was welcomed by Scotland’s Electric Vehicle Association who said that the award was “a clear recognition of the importance and the growth of EVs in the world of motoring”.

The SCOTY presentations, held at the ASMW 60th anniversary dinner at the Dalmahoy Hotel, East Lothian were attended by the leaders of the world’s motor industry, Public Relations executives and members of the ASMW who chose cars in 14 different award categories.

EVA Scotland sponsored one of the EV categories in the SCOTY event - the electric vehicle costing under £35,000. The award went to the Mazda MX-3. EVA Scotland also presented the award for the Plug-in Hybrid to the Skoda Octavia iV. This is the first time that EVA Scotland has supported EV awards in Scotland,

President of the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, Jack McKeown said::

“We are delighted to have EVA Scotland sponsoring our Electric Vehicle of the Year Under £35,000 award and presenting the Plug-in Hybrid of the Year category. The future of motoring looks to be electric and there are now some fantastic EVs on the market. EVA Scotland does excellent work supporting this blossoming sector of the car industry and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.”

Speaking at the awards ceremony, EVA Scotland director, Neil Swanson said:

“The move towards electric vehicles has seen a tremendous surge in sales over the last 12 months with more EVs sold in that period than in the previous 10 years combined. It’s the case in the UK that the uptake of EVs has reached the highest ever recorded since they were introduced. Last month (October) almost a quarter of all new cars sold in the UK were electrically powered… and that figure is set to grow even more rapidly in the future.

“As we said recently during the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, going electric is not simply a good idea, it makes both financial and environmental sense, contributing in no small way to reducing CO2 emissions and hence the health of the planet and all who inhabit it.

“Having electric vehicles in the 2021 Scottish Car of the Year awards for the first time is a clear recognition of the importance and the growth of EVs in the world of motoring.

“The Association of Scottish Motoring Writers are to be congratulated for not only writing about the world’s car industry and its products over the past 60 years, but including EVs in this year’s awards. EVA Scotland is honoured to be associated with this event.”

Mr Swanson also paid tribute to car manufacturers Skoda and Mazda for the innovative designs of their electric vehicles and both companies’ ongoing commitments to electric vehicle development.

He added: “It is encouraging to see the major advances and technical innovation in EV design and production taking place by almost every car and commercial vehicle manufacturer around the world.

“I know we can all look forward to even more exciting times ahead in the electric vehicle industry and I’m sure that the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers, now celebrating its 60th year, will continue to provide us, the motoring public, with the information, analysis and inside knowledge for which they are renowned.”

Car manufacturer Skoda took a total of four of the 14 SCOTY awards

Report by Norman Hunter


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