Directors Meeting October 2019

Directors Meeting October 2019
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​5 Directors attended, one by video link. The Honorary President was also in attendance. Meeting underway 18:30

Membership and social media numbers were reported, with growth continuing in all.A promotional link with WattsUp is progressing, with content design for a pack to be developed. This is initially targetted at dealerships with a view offering support to new purchases with our Membership Pack. Future developments of the membership pack were discussed, some reliant on Transport Scotland opening up roaming on the CPS network.

Discussions with a number of potential partners were reported.

Involvement and representation with external bodies was discussed, with the Electrifying Conversations Conference in New Zealand and Fully Charged USA high profile events that we have been invited to send a panellist to.

A report was received on developments in the pipeline in Glasgow. Provided in confidence, these have not yet been publicly announced, but a significant increase in provision is coming, with infrastructure centred on eVolt products.

The date and venue for the AGM were confirmed. 28th March 2020. Initial speaker approaches have been made, with one confirmed. As details are finalised website and Twitter announcements to be made.

Financial reporting for the last year is complete, with accounts now posted at Companies House. With the increase in workload for finance, it was agreed to sign up to a Zero subscription for accounting. The need to employ an accountant to support anticipated workloads was agreed.

Actions toward seeking administrative support were discussed, with an outline job description a role agreed.

Recent social media activity regarding ChargePlace Scotland was discussed, with frustration and anger evident over some key failings in the system. Agreed we would seek to create web content to explain the complexities in the way the network runs, as well as the capabilities and channels we can provide to support improvement.

A report on the meeting with Transport Scotland was given, (available for here) No update on the bringing in house of servers was provided, as no personnel from CPS were present.

A discussion on the National Transport Strategy and the need to submit a position before it closes on the 23rd of October. As well as the Association submitting a position, it is key that individual members do as well.

Forthcoming event in Bo’ness to support Falkirk Council’s installation of a Rapid and Fast Post in the Union Street Car Park. The proposed date is 12 October 2019, with a pop-up stand and mini EV expo. Once confirmed a publicised in the local paper, info to be put on the website and promoted through social media.

Hon. President reported on a discussion with a taxi group keen to heavily promote EV private hire cars. This may include group buying power which we would seek to offer to members if achievable.

The launch of the new forums was discussed, with final detailing of the code that drives them and aspects of functionality to be put in place. Outline moderation policy to be developed, essential if moderators are appointed from membership.

Meeting concluded c.22:00

The next meeting is scheduled in early November.

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