AVERE Board Meeting June 2018

EVA Scotland send delegate to the board meeting of The European Association for Electromobility

AVERE Board Meeting June 2018
  • Posted by: Neil Swanson
  • EVA Scotland | Policy

‚ÄčAVERE are the European part of the World Electric Vehicle Association, WEVA

EVA Scotland is one of the 14 members that make up AVERE. This was the first meeting that we have been represented at, so also offered an excellent networking opportunity. The opportunity to nominate an area in Scotland for the Electric Vehicle Symposium E-Visionary Award in Japan this year means that we have the opportunity to promote some of the exceptional work being done in Scotland on the world stage.

Details of our submission will be published on this site.

AVERE have been requested to provide support for the electromobility industry on the United Natons Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE),

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