Electric Vehicle Dealership Training

Join Energy Savings Trust for online EV dealership training

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is inevitable and the market is rapidly expanding. Energy Saving Trust is hosting a series of workshops to help equip automotive sales staff and managers with the tools to advise future sales of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

The workshops, which are funded by Transport Scotland, will run from 10am-12pm, every Tuesday from 3 November to 8 December. Choose the perfect time slot(s) for dealership staff to attend, for minimal disruption.

The sessions will be held virtually and will cover:

Information about the expanding EV market and charging infrastructure

Tips for advising customers on home charge point grants and other government funding

How best to promote electric and plug-in vehicles, and to integrate EVs into your sales pitches

How to address common customer concerns about aspects of EV ownership and debunk common myths 

These sessions are an opportunity for staff to benefit from free, expert and impartial advice from Energy Saving Trust and other specialists in this field. The sessions will also provide an opportunity to interact with other dealerships in a collaborative learning environment.

Register in advance for this meeting.