Roaming expansion

25th Sep 2019

Roaming expansion

​Announced this week, NewMotion and ChargePoint have signed an interoperability agreement. Set to come into effect later this year, this means that users of NewMotion and Charge point in Europe and the USA will need just the one account to use the networks. In the UK, this mean that InstaVolt points will be available not only via Contactless payment and the ChargePoint RFID and app, but also by NewMotion RFID and app. The detail is thin, but it looks to be a simple peer to peer agreement rather than a more comprehensive offering. It is an indicator of things moving forward, with the main benefactors being drivers using the networks.

EVA Scotland supports interoperability between all charge networks, with a preference for use of roaming hubs such as Gireve, creating a simple, easy to use process for all drivers. Whether you only wish to use Contactless payment, the option to use an RFID car with a single account is an option of particular interest to fleet operators and long-distance travellers. Expect to see some interesting offers from providers who want YOU to use their network as your default option locally, but with the convenience of it working everywhere else too.

The UK lags considerably behind Continental Europe in this, but as more roaming agreements evolve, expect to see the majority of UK networks catch up.


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