Charging on the public networks under Covid-19

13th Apr 2020

Charging on the public networks under Covid-19

A challenge under the COVID-19 scenario is using tethered charge points, such as #journeychargers. There are teams out from the charge point companies cleaning and sanitising the equipment, but you can’t really know who was there last.

So, if you have a home charger make use of it as much as you can, using the handwashing protocol you use anyway and if you have to go to a public charger, the advice being given generally follows a pattern:

1:Sanitise your hands with gel before use.

2:Use your RFID/Contactless/Phone App and put it away

3:If you have disposable gloves, use them, minimising contact with the equipment, inserting the connector into the car and starting the charge session.

4:Bag the gloves for disposal later

5: Sanitise your hands again and let the car charge. Ideal time to get in a walk.

6:Before ending the charge, sanitise again.

7:Use RFID/app as required to end the session and put it away

8:Using disposable gloves if you have them, end the charge session and return the connector to its cradle.

9:Bag the gloves for later disposal

10:Sanitise again, before getting into the car.

A pump-action sanitiser bottle in a door pocket is very convenient, just remember to leave the door open to avoid unnecessary contact with the door handle!


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