Developing Scotland’s National Transport Strategy - investment, connectivity and wellbeing

17th Jul 2019

Developing Scotland’s National Transport Strategy - investment, connectivity and wellbeing

This seminar will focus on the development of the second National Transport Strategy (NTS2) - a nationwide assessment of Scotland’s transport needs by Transport Scotland - ahead of expected publication later this year.

Delegates will assess priorities for national investment in transport and for Scotland’s strategic infrastructure.

It comes as work starts on the second Strategic Transport Projects Review which will consider future investment in all modes of transport including road and rail.

The seminar will look at next steps for developing integrated infrastructure networks, with the aim of developing a transport system which supports Scotland’s Economic Strategy to boost growth, reduce emissions and meet the needs of residents, road users and pedestrians.

Delegates will also share latest thinking on delivering key infrastructure projects - including delivering the National Infrastructure Mission and priorities for the next Infrastructure Investment Plan.

As well as the Strategic Review, we expect discussion to reflect proposed changes to the planning system in the Planning (Scotland) Bill, including the role of Regional Transport Partnerships (RTPs) in strategic local approaches - as well as questions about the future funding for RTPs.

The conference will also consider challenges and key opportunities for improving connectivity across both urban and rural areas of Scotland.

It takes place as:

  • The Glasgow Connectivity Commission recommends creating a city-wide metro system;
  • City of Edinburgh Council consultation goes ahead on the proposed strategy for Edinburgh City Centre Transformation (ECCT) - with proposals including a network of car-free streets, a walking and cycling bridge and a free city centre hopper bus; and
  • The Scottish Government considers Glasgow and Edinburgh’s proposals as part of the National Transport Strategy and attempts to balance the needs of all communities.

Those attending will consider how best to tackle challenges related to equality of access to transport and ensuring social inclusion alongside health and wellbeing considerations, and the potential for design and the built environment to promote better wellbeing.

In the context of the introduction of low emission zones and the proposed Workplace Parking Levy in the Transport Bill, and The Scottish Government aim to achieve net zero emission status by 2045, delegates will also examine their introduction, initially in major cities.

Discussion is expected to include issues such as how best to measure effectiveness, assessing impact on businesses and motorists, and considering the role of local authorities in implementing and developing local transport strategies.

Keynote Speaker

Alison Irvine

Director of Transport, Strategy and Analysis, Transport Scotland

28th August, 2019
8:30 am – 1:30 pm